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Helping Kids Cope With Covid-19 Back-To-School Stresses

So many parents I've talked with are struggling with kiddos heading back to school in a few weeks. Some have measured the pros and cons and are ok with safety measures that have been put in place while others have made the decision to do home-schooling. Others don't have a decision to make as work obligations necessitate sending them back. Either way, it's challenging times and there seem to be no clear right and wrong paths to take. So much involved.

But in the midst of it all are the kids and the stresses that they themselves may be feeling with a return to their school routine. Even the youngest amongst them know that their world is not quite the same right now. So one of the biggest things we can teach our kids this year is coping skills, showing them ways to get through tough times and build resilience. That is truly a lifelong gift we can give them. This article has a few suggestions on how you can help them to start filling their coping skills toolbox.

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